MusicSoft LLC

Since 2008 providing musical and technological solutions

What do we do

At MusicSoft we are passionate about music, and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the beauty of musical instruments. That's why we are dedicated to developing innovative music software that brings instruments to our customers in a unique and accessible way. Our primary focus is on computer simulation, a technology that allows us to realistically recreate the experience of playing musical instruments. Through our dedication to technical and creative excellence, we have created a portfolio of products that offer an immersive and rewarding musical experience.

Virtual Accordion

Our star product is the accordion simulator. With meticulous attention to detail and faithful reproduction of the sound and tactile feel of a real accordion, our simulator allows experienced and novice musicians to explore this beautiful instrument from anywhere, anytime. Whether you're learning accordion for the first time or looking to expand your musical skills, our simulator is the perfect tool to explore new melodies and express yourself through music.

About us

Meet all the members of our team
Leandro La Piana
Founder, Developer
My role as a founder, musician and developer allows me to merge my passion for music with my experience in technology.
Antonela Castillo
I am in charge of communicating and connecting with a diverse audience. It is a great challenge to reach so many people, since music is a world-class passion.
Agustin Onnainty
Content Manager
I am the architect behind all the content visible in the brand, passionate about music and technology.
Carolina Castillo
Quality Assurance
My work as a product quality analyst allows me to take advantage of my more detailed eye at a musical and functional level.